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While cancer affects the patient, the family also is devastated with the news. An expert opinion is needed, as much as supporting friend is necessary. 'Knowing with certainity' and "Caring with certainity".

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Getting an opinion is easy. It is the holistic approach of support and care that every cancer patient looks for. Special 'Comfort & Care' programs ensure better quality of life.

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Samiksha: Expert Opinion on your cancer powered by UCC.

Thank you for choosing "Samiksha : India's premier online expert-opinion service for cancer". Samiksha (powered by UCC) helps every person diagnosed with cancer; no matter where you live or where you are being treated; to seek an expert opinion from the qualified "Joint-Clinic" team and arrive at a suitable conclusion for further treatment of cancer and proceed on to the journey for wellness. Samiksha - the expert's expert review.


Benefits of "Samiksha" online expert opinion include:

  • Samiksha's expert opinion, will enable the patient to have a confirmation (or otherwise) of the diagnosis or the treatment plan, earlier prescribed to the patient. As the Joint-panel has no bias of geography, limitations of clinical capability or pharma availability, the opinion will be truly 'expert' and focused. Additional tests, if any, will be solicited with the singular goal of providing you the best road to conquer the cancer.

  • The medical records submitted to Samiksha website, will be perused by a multi-disciplinary team of doctors and para-clinics, not just to understand the nature and stage of cancer, but also to provide a clear and concise analysis of the pain, trauma and psycho-social impact on patient and the immediate family. Every clincal and psychological and psychosocial support will be provided on demand.

  • The Samiksha panel members (clinical, physician and care-givers) assigned to your case, have a complete view of your case and history, to seamlessly access, monitor, analyse and prescribe, the treatment, support and care and thus make your journey to recovery, safe and sure.
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Samiksha - Cancer Review

A Joint panel/Tumour Board for analysis and clarification. Make sure, your diagnosis and treatment is clinically in the right direction.

About UCC

UCC’s specific focus is on cancer and cancer-care, offering every chance to reverse and stop the threat of cancer in the patient’s body - what ever the age, location and stage of treatment.

About Cancer

Being told you 'may' have cancer, can be scary and stressful. You probably have a lot of questions, concerns and worries. Know more here...

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Being told you 'may' have cancer, can be scary and stressful. You probably have a lot of questions, concerns and worries. Know more here...