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What We Do

We do everything with our core values of experience, hard work, and trust.

We believe these characteristics should influence everything we do!

UCC is dedicated to manage the impact of cancer on your life and living.

Whether someone has recently been diagnosed with cancer, is recovering from treatment, or is a parent, family member, or friend of someone with cancer, coming to terms with a cancer diagnosis can have a devastating impact.

Universal Cancer Conquest (UCC) offers a single window support for all the cancer treatment and care related needs. The support is all encompassing including the cutting edge laser sharp medical treatment, counseling, psychological support, allied treatments and care, logistical management and other essential needs to nurture the person, the immediate family, relieve their stress and anxiety, and encourage healing in a wholesome manner.

Patient support is the central focus of everything UCC does. While ensuring you are in safe clinical hands, UCC also ensures the treatment and care plan is adhered to. Our priorities are to equip all concerned with the practical and emotional support they need to live more fully and to engage with the challenges that life presents, including the stresses arising from a cancer diagnosis.

Any person diagnosed with cancer no matter where you live or where you are being treated. When you contact UCC call number or visit our office, you will be greeted by a member of our staff or one of our specially trained care-givers who will chat with you, about you and about UCC services and how UCC Model of Cancer-care will advantage you. They are discreet, supportive and empathetic. Be sure you are satisfied about every small detail. After all it is about YOU & your family and your ailment. No person, No question is too small or big for our team. It's entirely up to you to decide if UCC is for you.

UCC is your single point contact for all and every need of cancer treatment & care. After diagnosis, during treatment, in survivorship.

Please don't worry. Call UCC Now!

Know more about the features, services of Universal Cancer Conquest and learn about the UCC Model of Cancer-care

UCC Centers and Offices

Universal Cancer Conquest is a conglomerate of teams working together to provide the create the best line of treatment for your type of cancer, within your comfort zone; personally, socially and financially.
Hospitals, Doctors, Clinics, Other Ancillary support personnel, Medical equipment, Resources, transport, guidance, counselling and more, ready for your service, always!