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The UCC Model of Cancer-care

What is The UCC Model of Cancer-care?

The UCC Model of Cancer-care is the answer to the all encompassing needs of any cancer patient AND their near and dear ones.

"The UCC Model of Patient-centric Cancer-care is born out of the core needs of every cancer patient and their family. The model strives to re-organise their daily lives by providing a true friend, guide and philosopher."

Dr Sachin Chopda — Founder, Universal Cancer Conquest

UCC Model of Cancer-care - Philosophy

The UCC - Model of Patient-centric Cancer-care is based on the four-cornerstone philosophies:


Guided Single window operation

It is not about who treats you, where you are treated, when you are treated. It is about how you are treated and cared for.
Living life to the fullest. We feel what you feel


Joint Clinic - the pathway to successful recovery.

It is not just about what technology, what medicine, what protocol is used for your treatment. It is about maximizing clinical efficiency, and increasing the positive outcome. It is about living a life! We feel what you feel


360° Complete Cancercare

It is not just about primary care or secondary care or tertiary care. It is about 'complete care - 360° care' - healthcare, wealthcare and patientcare. Living a life fulfilling life. We feel what you feel


Life and living- the right choice, the right to choose

It is not just about collaborative, discrete, integrated and optional services, it is about making an informed choice, right choice and conclusive choice. Living a full life. We feel what you feel

The Patient-centric Cancer-care

The UCC ‘Patient-Centric Model of Cancer-Care’ emerged from the compassionate study of the state of the cancer patients - physical, mental, interpersonal financial & social; beginning with the patient’s shock of having cancer, navigating the painful journey through the different treatments, the time and duration of the treatment, the understanding of the complexity of the psychosocial impact on the near and dear ones, and of course, the financial implications for the family in treating the cancer. The multitude of fears envelopes the patient and the immediate family.

The cancer-stricken patient and the family (friends too) grapple with the situation of their dear one and try to find resources, people, convenience and money. The life of the cancer patient moves from sickness to near chaos. This is where UCC caregiver comes in as a single point of comfort, succor, solace, friend, guide and philosopher. This role is achieved with the single minded devotion and dedication of the entire team to conquer cancer making your life hassle-free.

The UCC model of Cancercare is based on the essential needs of the patient, not just in the context of the disease, but also the psycho-social experience. UCC believes that cancer affects every person differently, hence the treatment management and action plan must be customized and personalized to optimize the path to recovery. The psychological effect on the near and dear ones is as earthshaking for the patient too. UCC model of Cancercare includes soothing and calming the nerves of the family members, urging them to get on with their individual lives – professionally as well as socially and educating them about the short term, medium term effects on their lifestyle. Yes! There is the need for financial planning and support too! A true friend providing empathy and support in the right measure.

Moving from ‘reactive to proactive care’ is one of the focal features of the UCC model. The model establishes a comprehensive ‘caregiver - patient’ association to implement the comprehensive plan of action not just for the patient but also the near and dear ones. Anticipating the patients’ needs, coordinating care, educating about the effects, scheduling appointments and transportation plans, handling emergency services, ensuring exceptional quality of service from all the service providers (healthcare as well as other services including financial services) and such activities form the core responsibilities of the care-giver team. Surely, the clinical outcomes and recovery processes are easily controllable with such planned, managed and efficient set of services. While the focus is the treatment of the patient, the plan of action mitigates and/or provides for prevention of potentially negative health outcomes.

No single clinic/hospital is completely complete for every need and speciality. Treating cancer the right way is about planning the treatment, assembling the needs and essentials and sourcing it at the right time for the right effect. UCC model-of-cancercare builds an exhaustive list of facilities available locally, neighbourhood, state, country and the best hospitals in the world. UCC team aggregates the data of available resources – doctors, surgeons, super-specialists for your type of cancer and engages them for you to provide the right plan, tenure and treatment. Every effort is made to ensure the journey to recovery is well paved and laid. This is a ‘truly personalized and customized approach’ to 360° cancer-care.

The wonderful aspect of this approach is that all stakeholders benefit - providers improve quality of health care, efficient utilization of health and recovery services, donors/payers become more efficient by reducing costs and the family and near ones gain by transparent understanding of every decision. Importantly, all the decisions and discussions are enabled by a valuable friend, guide and philosopher – UCC caregiver.

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