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Getting Started with UCC

We do everything with our core values of experience, hard work, and trust.

The UCC model of Cancer-care benefits every person who is diagnosed with any type of cancer .

Begin with a call or a one-to-one meet and discussion.

Whatever the stage of cancer treatment, a meeting with the UCC Caregiver is just an opportunity to re-evaluate and live a better quality of life. We feel what you feel.

With the confirmation of cancer, the patient's path of recovery to the current stage, has been eventfully traumatic and agonising for all your near and dear. The social, physical, financial implications on all near and dear ones is not only disruptive to the routine living but also creates a medium or longterm emotional impact. Many of the questions in the minds of the patient, the family, the neighbours, the relatives, the friends are unanswered or partially answered. The legacy of such well-meaning but half-baked, or incomplete answers/advice/direction leads to undesired outcomes.

Moving ahead on a sure and well laid path makes daily living easy for the patient and the family. A talk with a UCC Care-giver is not a presciption but a valuable gain to the patient to look forward with a positive attitude and a mind assured of support. While the physical sickness is medically treated, the mind must be enriched with positive thoughts for a faster and easier process for desired outcomes.

Customised needs in Care, Comfort, Empathy, Treatment! Questions? Doubts? Worries? Support? Just meet or call a UCC-Caregiver. Really! it is as simple as that.

The accumulated experience, knowledge and curiosity makes every UCC team member a worthy friend for any and everyone effected by cancer.

There are 4 possible stages for a patient to contact a UCC Caregiver:

  • 1. For a person who has a family history or symptoms of cancer

    UCC provides, OPD & Physical inspection & Screening service, just to be sure that you are healthy and well. A periodic check always helps you live a better quality of life.

  • 2. For a person with visible symptoms of cancer

    UCC provides all essential services like Pathology, Sonography, PET Scan, Mammography, Biopsy (depending on the type of cancer). Organise the test with a lab nearest to your place. UCC prescribes a formatted report for testing and does not proscribe a testing center. Every rupee saved is a saving in the long term.

  • 3. For a person already diagnosed of cancer

    If you are diagnosed of any type of cancer, we feel what it feels. We understand the trauma and pain that runs in your mind and in your near and dear ones. UCC supports you with multiple essential needs : Joint Clinic, Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, Physiotherapist, Dietitian, Stoma Clinic, Pain Clinic, Nursing and Allied services. Needless to say, 'The UCC Model of Cancer-care' is the much needed addon for 360° patient-centric care and support

  • 4. For a person who has completed the treatment

    You are a cancer survivor! Just to be sure you are safe, secure and living a great quality of life, UCC provides Rehabilitation by Counselling, Prosthesis, Nursing and other services as need by you and your family. No service is small or big to fulfill. It is the quality of life and living that matters.

UCC is your single point contact for all and every need in every stage of cancer treatment & care.

Please don't worry. Call UCC Now!

Know more about the features, services of Universal Cancer Conquest and learn about the UCC Model of Cancer-care

UCC Centers and Offices

Universal Cancer Conquest is a conglomerate of teams working together to create and provide the best line of treatment for your type of cancer, within your comfort zone; personally, socially and financially.
Hospitals, Doctors, Clinics, Other Ancilliary support personnel, Medical equipment, Resources, transport, guidance, counselling and more, ready for your service, always!